Rep. Brian Stewart Has the Pleasure of Hosting Group from ZIMBABWE

It is always a great experience welcoming foreign diplomats to Northwest Illinois. This afternoon I had the pleasure of hosting a group from ZIMBABWE who were here under the auspices of the US State Dept International Visitor Leadership Program. They were Mr. Obey Shava, Legal Practitioner; Mr. Kenneth Mtata, Zimbabwe Council of Churches; Loreen Sani, Combined Harare Residents Association; Claris Madhuku, Director Platform for Youth Development; Kurai Makumbe, Chief – Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission; Patience Zirima, Director Media Monitors; Gerald Matiba, Director, Christian Legal Society; and Wilson Nharingo, Director Zimbabwe Liberators Platform. After a great discussion on managing elections, and a visit to the Lincoln Douglas Debate Site, lunch of course at Union Dairy.

Brian Stewart

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