Senator Stewart warns Illinoisans about actions during lame-duck session

Senator Brian Stewart is warning Illinoisans about back-room actions being taken by the Senate during lame-duck legislative session in the Capitol.

“Democrat leaders are ramming through radical, multi-billion-dollar legislation during a lame-duck session, when lawmakers who are leaving can vote on extreme measures and not have to worry about the consequences.

We should be focusing on fixing our budget and helping the millions of Illinoisans who are struggling, sick, or out of work. Instead, Democrat leaders are ramming through legislation at the 11th hour that will place an extremely heavy tax burden on hard-working men and women in Illinois.

Topics like criminal justice reform and healthcare reform sound safe, but the actual provisions of these bills make them exceedingly radical. As it stands, we cannot vote for these unrealistic and unworkable bills that would not bear the scrutiny of a regular legislative session where all lawmakers are accountable to their constituents.”

The proposed bills include:

Criminal Justice reform (HB 163) that is opposed by every law enforcement agency in the state because it will empower criminals and make Illinois a more dangerous place to live for everyone.

Education/Workforce reform (HB 2170) that places unfunded mandates on an education system reeling from COVID-19.

Health Care reform (HB 3840) that costs billions of dollars at a time when our health care system is still battling a global pandemic and its economic consequences on hospital income.

Economic Omnibus reform (HB 2685) that provides no relief for thousands of Illinois businesses that have closed, or will close, because of government-imposed shutdowns.


Brian Stewart

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