Pritzker continues his unilateral rule

SPRINGFIELD – Gov. JB Pritzker continued his go-it-alone pandemic decision-making Aug. 26 – announcing for the second time this month more mask and vaccine mandates, according to State Sen. Brian Stewart (R-Freeport).

The 45th District Senator says the changes to Illinois’ COVID-19 mitigation plan are just the latest in a long series of policy changes the Governor has made without any input by state lawmakers or local officials.

“Gov. Pritzker’s unilateral pandemic decision-making, with little to no input by lawmakers or local officials since March 2020, makes it really difficult to implement mitigation measures that are more broadly acceptable to the public,” Stewart said. “The Governor wants residents to be ‘all in Illinois,’ but he refuses to be ‘all in’ with state and local elected officials who better understand their geographic areas and their communities’ needs.”

Stewart says he will continue to advocate for local officials having control over such decisions, as it affects their schools and communities.

Brian Stewart

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