A day we will #NeverForget

Twenty years ago, the United States watched in horror as buildings symbolizing the strengths of our country were attacked and collapsed into piles of broken concrete and twisted steel, taking thousands of people with them. Twenty years later, our country still mourns the losses of that day. The images of planes crashing, flames and smoke billowing, and buildings crumbling will forever be ingrained in our minds.
Forever ingrained in our hearts are the first responders on that sunny September day, the men and women who ran selflessly into the wreckage making EVERY attempt to save as many people as they could. Their sacrifice is a defining part of that day and our country can’t thank them enough for their bravery.
Twenty years ago, I was working at my office and we heard about the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center. We turned on the TV in the conference room and watched the tragic events unfold. Twenty years later, our country still mourns everyone and everything that we lost that day.
9/11/2001 will always be the day that our world changed, a day we will #NeverForget.

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