Democrat leaders pass and Governor quickly signs irresponsible spending bill

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Brian Stewart (R-Freeport) says Democrat leaders forced through an irresponsible spending bill during a lame-duck, after-hours, Sunday-night vote on legislation that was quickly signed into law by the Governor.

Senate Bill 1720 contains a pay increase for Illinois legislators and gives the Governor $400 million for a so-called “business closing fund” with little oversight on how he chooses to use it.

“Lame-duck session has proved to be quite a windfall for Democrat leaders, with an annual salary increase for lawmakers after they already voted to increase their salaries this spring,” Stewart said. “What other business allows its employees to vote for their own raises?”

Passed by the House of Representatives on Jan. 6, Senate Bill 1720 was approved by the Senate in a Sunday-night vote on Jan. 8, and Gov. JB Pritzker’s office announced Monday morning Jan. 9 that he had signed it into law.

“During a time when hard-working families are trying to keep pace with rising prices of food and fuel, higher taxes, and ongoing inflation, a number of lawmakers thought nothing of giving themselves an 18 percent pay increase, as well as providing the Governor with hundreds of millions of dollars for pet projects,” Stewart said. “Such a tone-deaf vote makes it hard to believe their claims of working on behalf of the average Illinois resident.”  

Brian Stewart

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