Democrat leaders force through lame-duck vote on abortion access

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Brian Stewart (R-Freeport) released a statement Jan. 10 on action by Senate Democrat leaders to force through a lame-duck vote on controversial legislation to expand abortion access in Illinois.

The 102nd General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn on Jan. 10 with the 103rd General Assembly convening Jan. 11. Senator Stewart says because of the impact on Illinois residents, abortion access legislation should not be decided by lawmakers who will not be in office after Jan. 10.

Senator Stewart says he did not vote for House Bill 4664 on Jan. 10 because it expands Illinois’ already expansive protections for abortion rights.

“Democrat legislative leaders have taken several steps in recent years to make sure abortion remains legal in the state. So much so that Illinois already has some of the most extreme laws in the nation – way beyond what mainstream Illinoisans agree with,” Senator Stewart said.

Brian Stewart

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