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January 1, 2022, New Laws

SPRINGFIELD – With the New Year comes a host of new laws that affect many aspects of Illinoisans’ lives, according to State Sen. Brian Stewart


Winter solstice begins

The winter solstice of 2021 on Dec. 21 marks the official beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Beginning tomorrow, days will start getting longer


December 15 is Bill of Rights Day

December 15 is the national celebration of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution, which spell out our rights


Always Ready, Always There

Established in 1636, the National Guard is the oldest military organization in America. Its members serve during times of war and emergency.      


Senate Week in Review: Dec. 6-10, 2021

SPRINGFIELD – Oral arguments in the McConchie v. Illinois State Board of Elections federal court case concluded during the week, and a court ruling on

Brian Stewart

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