Our state faces some major challenges, and one of the greatest is putting our fiscal house in order. Unless we are on a firm financial footing, Illinois can not possibly hope to be able to provide its citizens with necessary services. This is why I believe that we need to get our budget under control and repeal the income tax increase passed in January of 2011.

I also believe that working to promote a better business climate in Illinois is a fundamental part of building a strong and prosperous state. A better business climate is one that is fair to employers and leads to the creation of jobs for Illinois citizens. Building a better business climate will not only encourage businesses already located in Illinois to expand and grow, but will also attract new business and create new opportunities.

I will continue to push for a responsible approach, for long overdue reforms to a system that clearly does not work. Someone has to stand up for the hard-working taxpayers of Illinois.

On these and other issues, I would like to know what you think. Your opinions are important to me, and will help me make sure your concerns are heard in the Capitol.

I look forward to hearing from you.